Fuel Oil Program

Fuel Marketer / Jobber Program

Program Outline

The intent of this program is to offer workers compensation coverage to accounts involved in the distribution of gasoline, diesel fuel and heating oil.  Eligible accounts will engage in the storage, delivery and distribution of fuel oil products.  This program is not intended to provide coverage for risks involved in the storage and distribution of propane (LPG), chemicals or other non-fuel liquids or products.

Prospective risks should be involved in the following operations:

  • Storage and distribution of gasoline
  • Storage and distribution of diesel fuel
  • Storage and distribution of heating oil to residential and commercial customers

Additionally, risks involved in the following operations may be considered with specific qualifications:

  • Storage and distribution of aviation fuel
    • Prospective risks should not engage in the active refueling of aircraft
  • Storage and distribution of marine fuel
    • Prospective risks should not be engaged in the active refueling of watercraft
  • Transportation or delivery to and from seaports or rail terminals
    • Risks that receive or deliver fuel oil products from such locations must not actively assist in the loading or unloading of product at these sites.

This program is not intended to provide coverage for risks engaged in the following operations

  • Storage and distribution of propane (LPG) including:
    • Storage and delivery of propane to residential and commercial customers
    • Propane tank exchange programs
    • Propane tank delivery and recovery
    • Recharging of propane tanks either on site or remotely
    • Transportation of propane whether in bulk or in individualized containers
  • Storage and distribution of other non-fuel chemicals or liquids
  • Installation or Maintenance of fuel pumping or storage equipment
  • Remediation or Recovery of fuel pumping or storage equipment, including site remediation
  • Operation of any retail fuel outlet, such as: convenience stores with gas sales, truck stops or truck plazas, service stations or quick-lube operations, or any other retail fuel sales operation.

Acceptable risk characteristics will parallel those outlined for Trucking Risks.  All prospective risks for this program must complete and sign the Fuel Oil Distribution Supplemental Application.  The acceptable risk characteristics established for our trucking appetite will be used to evaluate subject risks for this program, with a few additional qualifiers focusing on the distribution and storage of fuel products.

In general, acceptable risks for this program will possess the following risk characteristics:

  • Engage in strong hiring practices
  • Have a formal Safety Program in place
  • Have a Light Duty / Return to Work program in place
  • Offer a medical benefit program to all drivers and employees
  • Employ full time drivers with no use of owner operators
  • No overnight or long haul exposures
  • No storage or delivery of propane, chemicals or non-fuel products
  • Will compensate drivers via annual salary or hourly pay and will not compensate based on mileage or loads
  • Will engage in routine routes without irregular or unscheduled routing
  • Acceptable Safer scores for driver and vehicle violations
  • No OSHA or EPA violations over the previous 5 year period
  • No exposure to Federal acts (Maritime, USL&H, Railroad, etc.)
  • Well tenured drivers with minimal annual turnover