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All claims are serviced by the individual carriers through staff claims facilities or national third party administrators (TPA’s). All claims costs are included in the stated premium. Services of specific TPA’s are available for “unbundled,” large account programs.

PE Brokerage’s policy holders may be eligible for some providers’ online claims and loss control services. These services include:

  • 24 hours 7 days a week accessibility
  • Claims reporting
  • Claims monitoring
  • Loss prevention
  • OSHA compliance assistance
  • Training and updates on state and federal safety regulation
  • Risk management objective setting


PA Forms:


Report a Claim:

AmeriHealth & Companion P&C

Claims Reporting:(800) 335-5972
Fax:(888) 636-7725
After hours emergency only:(800) 393-7196

Guard Insurance

Claims Reporting:(888) 639-2567
Fax:(570) 825-0611
Service:(800) 673 2465
Regional Directory:Click Here

The Hartford

Claims Reporting:(800) 327-3636
Claims Customer Service (Agents):(800) 962-6170
Claims Customer Service (Insureds):(866) 467-8730
Regional Directory:Click Here

CNA Insurance

Claims Reporting:(877) 262-2727
Fax:(800) 953-7389
Regional Directory:Click Here


Claims Reporting:(800) 880-7963
Fax:(800) 749-9826
Regional Directory:Click Here

Guarantee Insurance

Claims Reporting:(866) 479-1554
Fax:(321) 206-4
Regional Directory:Click Here


Pennsylvania New Jersey West Virginia





Guard Insurance


HM Insurance Group


Guarantee Insurance

  • Guarantee Claims Kit